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TV. Processor 8891CSCNG6V12

1. On the TV panel, set the volume to 0, holding "VOL-" to press DISP (rectangle with a plus sign) on the remote control.
2. Enter the service menu - press the "MENU", "CH" button on the remote control and enter the code 2483, either 6568 or 6483.
3. Hidden FACTORY button (located under the PP button)

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TV. The 8897CSBN

is the same as the ETE-2 chassis.

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TV. The 8897CSBNG6PR4 PA-09

is the same as the M28 chassis.

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TV. Processor 8821CPNG4UD4

Entering the service mode:
1. Channel 30
2. Channel 88
3. Remove the volume to zero.
4. Press mute

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TV. Processor 8821CPNG5EE1,

8851CPNG6N59, 8891CSBNG6N54
Entering the service mode:
On the front keyboard to set the volume to zero, holding VOL DOWN, press DISP (rectangle with a plus) on the remote.

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TV. Processor 8873CSCNG, 8873CPANG

Entering the service mode:
On the TV panel, set the volume to 0, holding VOL DOWN, press the DISP (square plus) button on the remote control.

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TV. Processor 8891CRCNG7D11

Press on the PD remote control At the "MENU" button to enter "TUNING", press "CH-"
Find "TARGET POS", try the code "6483", "2483", "6568", the TV will switch to the AGING mode.
In the "factory" or "AGING" mode, press the "SYS", "SOUND", "SLEEP" buttons to adjust the data, menu + factory appears on the screen. Press "MENU" to go to the main adjustment menu.
Press "DISP" to exit, the screen shows only the inscription "factory".

TV. The processor CXP85452-135S,

CXP86441-509S, CXP85340, CXP86441-533S is the same as LG.

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TV. The DW370M, DW5255M

is the same as the DAEWOO model 14A5 or KR21N7N.
GS8114-01B - deactivate LOCK ON: The code for the universal MAK-2000 panel is "1123".
1. Press the "MENU" button.
2. Press "OFF" together with the "Shift" button.

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