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TV. distinction
characterized in that accelerated with auto repeat
MCH -405 panel
( synthesizer stress ) . This feature is very convenient when
TV testing .
It allows you to quickly set up a TV channel, as well as
allows you to quickly
change settings: brightness, contrast , saturation, and
If you press the SERV again , the display will light up and OR
we get to the mode OPTIONS.
This mode allows you to configure the processor to SAA1293
capabilities of your television or by the user.
Advise sketching everything you see on the display before
begin to change the settings
SAA1293. After entering the need to select OPTIONS
switching between menus .
As we wrote above -02 IC must press on
button SERV, and for

  • 03 Is necessary to press the VOL +. The display will turn

4 displayed
submenu. Each sub-menu options to 9 ( with a dot) . at
overexposed segment
value is 1 (yes ) for braised segment 0 (none) .
The picture shows the segments with their respective keys on the remote .
In the table ,
which is posted below , you can see what the value
segment which team matches .

 Record-2 title = " Record-2 " >

Note : Explanation of some options .
1.6 If the television signal comprises CONFIRMATION and COINCIDENCE
( APCHG ) then
controller has two additional properties:
a) Timer switch the TV to standby mode after 5 minutes
after television .
b) When approaching the station during setup automatically
speed setting for accurate coarse , whereby
the user is not
station can omit by adjusting it to a higher speed.
These two properties can not be separated because their work
voltage on pin 28 of the microprocessor. When a signal is
is 2.8 - 12 volts. , when there is no signal - 0.8 volts.
2.2 If this option is selected , all four analog
adjusting at
shutdown of the sleep remain as at startup. In
Otherwise, they are normalized.
2.3 When you select this option button, the band does not occur
at once
after pressing , and after 5 seconds. Or when pressed repeatedly.


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