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3.3 This option specifies the version of the procedure memory. If this option is
not selected
And then the option , and if you selected option B.
Option A:
1. Select the desired standard.
2 . Select the desired band .
3 . When configuring the selected station indicator shows the range
and shimmers
APCHG off and stays off .
4 . Allows MEM key for 5 seconds to select the desired
channel ( two shimmer
segment ) . When finished selecting , no settings
saved and the indicator
will show the number of the previously selected channel. values
analog adjustments
not be saved. Save them in MEM mode you have to press
the " normalization "
or any of the eight analog .
Option B :
Select the required standard.
Select the required range .
When you tune to the selected station APCHG off and is turned
1 s after
squeezing key settings.
Selects the desired channel.
MEM key saves all settings and analog station
values ??. In this
embodiment, there is no limit of time and analog adjustment
fixed together
the setting. To read them you need to press
"Normalization " .
Here are the most frequently used combinations of options.
From practical experience I know that to start the firmware chip memory
domestic synthesizers voltage MCH -405 is best with 4 th
And also after the introduction of firmware ( changing field segments)
you must press
the M button on the front panel . Otherwise all
on-chip memory remain unchanged .



TDA9381PS/N3/2/1830, was replaced successfully by NTDA79381- 7NA.ot
TV AKAI ( do not remember the model ) Entering the service menu:
MENY former press and quickly dial 8-5-0-0 brute menyushek
0-9 . Exit the menu ST-BY.



Processor : TDA9381PS/N2/3102.
Entering the service menu: a native remote button is hidden,
left and below V +.
M is displayed in the menu nine sections - buttons on the remote rooms
the channels of the first through ninth, - the options section P + P-, option
you change V +. V-


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