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Get out of the service - a hidden button and off TV . RC-5 is not necessary.



Rolsen NTP2.1g TDA9352PS/N3/1/1683, Sekam, Pal, DK, KSH148O.
Entering the service menu: press > St-by> MENU button on
TV + 0 on the remote . Exit> TV.


TV RECORD 51TTS5175 (ST- 210shassi ) .

Perc .
management .: MTV212MS64U, Videoprots : TV1238Z .
Entering the service menu: In standby mode, press
consistently button on the remote control MUTE, then AV, then MENU,
and last POWER. In the main menu there is a string member
new - SERVICE .
To enter the service menu, press the base VOL + on the remote control .
Adjustment of the functions performed by press buttons
VOL + or VOL- on the remote control .
Select another function performed by press the P + or P-
on the remote control .


Record TV CT- 2103 .

Sought information on accessing the service menu: But it turned out
that no remote stores , or on the market. wriggled way
following - enter the service mode and adjust perform two
consoles can be : "Samsung" AA59-10075K and "LG" 6170v00090F.
On the panel of "LG" press the OK button in the upper left corner
Screen letter M appears in the submenu buttons transition
software switch 0 - 9.Perebor submenu items using
remote "Samsung", buttons P +, P-, change quantities buttons
V +, V-.
At the end of the service adjustments on the remote "LG" press
OK twice and click the button Power, ie , adjustment
write .
Obviously, this method is suitable for all models with
microprocessor TDA9381/PS/N3/2/1973, in reference specified . also
and that the entrance to the service menu and adjust can perform
remotes, " sister " named.


TV 54TTS5176 Record

, SW-2013AP chassis , input is required in the service menu.
Composition: Control Processor SW-1222AP, video TDA8374A, personnel TDA8356, memory 24wc04p.
Apparatus after the storm . BP did. Slips program.
Replaced memory. Setting is. Channels began to memorize .


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