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"P +" and "P-" election process variable
"VOL +" and "VOL-" modification
"OK" to record
"MENU" to return to service menu
"TV" to get out.
And she was breaking : dolbanul TDKS , cover TDA9330, and cover memory.



, E9 Shasci , service menu.

Ingredients: processor SDA5255-B003, memory 24C08, video processor TDA8842.
Necessary to correct the horizontal dimension , found that the input is valid with the remote service R-30SVC, however, it DAEWOO.
Enter into service: connect your TV with the remote control in the working of the red standby button and continued five seconds to press one by one TV, then i, then STOP.
Saving modifications on exit : TV, then i, then STOP ( click stop - hold to the exit, a few seconds ) .


TV Rolsen D29R55,

TDA9365PS/N3/5, memory 24C16W6, audio processor MSP3410G B8 V3,
tuner KSH148E.
Entering the service menu :-menu + 0 on TV. Gate -TV


TV Rubin 55FM10- 8 ,

NTDA9381C323A, 24S08W6 memory .
Entering the service menu: TV translate mode
Duty, then , holding down the "Menu" on
front panel push button TV remote 0 .



and other types of
Entering the service menu: press the button consecutively :
DISPLAY, then 1 , then 1 , then LINE.



Processor labeled
CH08T0934-5H32-3K49 on the concept TMR87SM38N memory
24S08 ( 24S04 ) , then video TB1238AN, SC9028- 023 control , personnel
TA8403K, FBT BSC62T.
Log into the service menu without the remote service as follows:
You can :
1. Align volume equal to "0". (Necessarily )
2 . Button "MUTE" button on the holding , "MENU" button to click on
front panel of the TV.
3 . In the right corner of the screen, the letter "D" light, and in the left corner
adjustable parameter and its meaning will be displayed .
Switching between the red and green buttons made ??,
yellow and blue buttons change the settings on a blue field.


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