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Exit from the service menu preserving modifications in parameters
button "Stand-by" on the remote .


TV ROLSEN C2119. C2116.

Remote Login
native .
Login to the service menu : You can follows :
volume equal to "O", to install. ( immutable )
Button "MUTE" button on the remote , press
button "MUTE" holding , "MENU" button to click on the front
Lights up the letter "D" on the screen in the right corner , and in the left corner
adjustable parameter and its meaning will be displayed .
To switch between the red and green made
buttons on the remote on a blue field. Change the parameter values
performed on a blue field yellow and blue buttons.


TV Rolsen C2135.

Log into the service menu : In S2135 can enter with an ordinary remote .
It is necessary to open the console , contact area , closest to the chip ,
under the button is not disabled. If you close it , the TV enters
mode service .



TV ROLSEN C17R80 Plat.

Menu like
LG, the entrance to the service menu : In standby mode, press MENU
holding the TV to press "0" button on the remote control
user .
IF 38.9 inscription displayed or IF 38.0, movement on the menu
buttons switch programs , adjust the parameter values
buttons adjust the volume. To exit the service menu
need the TV or AV press , this all changes when a
EEPROM recorded.


TV Rolsen 100 Hz model : (C29R140, C29R142,
C29R100, C29R148).

Remote service on Rolsen 100 Hz produced from any
compatible RC- 5 ( based on the 3010 chip ) . Log into the service
Menu: ( consistently implement ) :
1.nadavit SVC button on the remote service for half a second ( or a
the same time, pins 1 and 11)
2 . Push "OK" button on the remote .



TDA9381PS/N3/1/1730 CD8681 P1FTE 20 ROLSEN FM 2.Oc. 24C08
EEPROM. Transformer line PET22-23C.
LG menu similarly , the entrance to the service menu : the volume to "0"
Down Sets the TV to standby mode , and click


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