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Hold the button down (V +) on the unit , then press
"0 " key on the remote control , stick down the long
while the brightness of the LED lights up green not increase.
The screen will be IF 38.0 inscription , save settings
button on the remote control TV / AV ...


TV ROLSEN C2170 Plat.

management TDA9381PS/N3/1/1730.
Enter the service mode: In standby mode, push MENU button on
TV and the 0 button on the remote control , saving the machine's settings .


TV Rolsen C1420, service or which bits in the firmware RGB balance.

Ingredients: board juc7.820.102- 1 (1 ), tmp87cm38n-1f31 cht0823, tb1238an.
Log in to the service fails. White balance did all cool now .

Now another problem has got out - telly in the guardroom
off , a different time , from 11 to 25 minutes.
Controlled voltage by 18 foot Protect microprocessor
watching the level of connection Auto Off , well worth 4.99 .
My suspicion is that the processor in the guardroom off ,
because it assumes that there is no signal from the antenna and at the tele
Actually from the antenna shows snow truth (bad
antenna for me) . So before, when the telly raced in
mode AV, worked , not disconnected . May signal H.sync problem ....

Can I turn off automatic shutdown when no signal ?
Jamb on H.SYNC can also be , it is for the processor
is taken from the output of TB1238 sync separator , but then
usually blocked sound. This ident. If you do not turn off
Video mode , the percentage probability for H.SYNC - rises.
18- foot can be turned off by detaching from it all , except
suspenders .. but should trigger guard pin mode
any . As far as known to me , when this processor
there is nothing for your problem. Quartz near the processor also try to replace.
I want to say that the telly yesterday rechecked - without
off exactly one hour on AV. 100% for all AV excellent !
Initially, the problem got telly care APCHG and balance
White twisted . APCHG I did razlomav Conder
old circuit L203, and succeeded him 22pf + 5.1 pF in


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