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amount of 27.1 pF, without setting circuit. Now over
time drift is observed , but in a period of
tele dancing all the time voltage AFT OUT 1.04- 1.20v ,
its levels vary in different channels .
Could this mean that the circuit did not tweaking ,
with the result that the final may lead to a trip to the guardroom ?
Let me draw attention to the sound , no sound telly I drove .
And what kind of circuit L001, for which he is responsible , whether it be due to the jamb ?


8 megahertz quartz replaced with a new , all from 18 feet Protect
disconnected and it gave 5c directly put on the sweep -
after 42 minutes muted, while dramatically disappeared along with the image .


How to remember

- exit the service menu Rolsen C- 2146 .

Ingredients: processor TDA9381.
Entered after changing memory settings changed , centering
and vertical size , I can not keep . Accompanied by instructions found .
Performance devices is only ensured if
agreement that the memory chip in it is good, and
initialized to what parameters are not spelled out
settings only programs but also all values
parameters set during adjustment. Hence ,
after repair, including the replacement of non-volatile memory chips
associated (D401), you need to initialize the chip
new . To do this, enter the service mode , ie
mode adjustments TV technology . done
it that way. Translate to standby TV, then
hold down the "Menu" button (Warning : in some
CPU firmware versions must press the
" Volume + ") on the front panel of the TV push
0 button on the remote control . To initialize a new chip
non-volatile memory , while in the service mode ,
button press "9" on the remote control and then - button
" Volume + " or " volume - ". After a few seconds
message on the screen there Pxx V2.xx, and under it - the inscription «ready».
Unplug the TV for a few seconds from the network again
turn it on. Log in to the service mode again, as it
described above . On the screen will be the inscription IF 38


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