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3. Collect remote.
Enter the service mode:
Press the green button SERVICE
Adjust the accelerating voltage is as follows:

  • Position the cursor in the main service menu on the line Red Gain, in the bottom of the TV screen bar appears "G2 status";
  • Rotating the accelerating voltage set TDKSe "G2 status" in position "OK".

Setting up the drive is as follows:

  • Conclusions 10, 11 SLE signal cable IF (38.9 MHz, 50 mV).

When connecting the cable to make sure that 11 can be connected to a conclusion signal output cable, and a pin 10 - body;

  • Position the cursor in the main service menu on line VCO FINE 070.

Tuning coil L208 until the display shows "AFC Status OK";

  • Pressing the "-" button on the remote control to find the lower limit of the drive settings (disappears inscription "OK").

Then click the "+" on the remote control and increase the VCO FINE 5 units. Move the cursor to the VCO Coarce - must be set 05 and illuminates the inscription "OK".
Exit the service mode:
Press the green button SERVICE
The adjustments in the service mode
a) To enter the service mode, press the button on the remote control Service Set M or press a sequence of buttons menu-pp-8-5-0-0.
b) Use the 0-9, select the section Service menu (menu 0 - menu 9).
In SERVICE can be reached from a universal remote code MAK 2002 maxi 1269
OK, the screen red letter M.

CHASSIS G-1000.Servisny TV mode "Record 51/54 TC 5169/5171"

(Microcontroller ST6365BB1/BLM, video processor MC44002P)
To enter the service mode turn off the TV power switch while pressing and holding the P + and P-on the front of the TV. Then turn on the TV while still pressing the P + and P-for at least three seconds.
At the bottom of the screen, you should see an image service menu. List of parameters available for adjustment is shown in the Table. 9.
Table 9
Parameter Description Parameter
G acceleration voltage
L Vertical Linearity
V Vertical Size
H Horizontal Alignment (phase)
R White balance in the "bright"
G White balance in the "bright"
B white balance "light"


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