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The apparatus of the duty room in the operating mode and burn ,
Scan only run after three seconds in the guardroom he switches
In the service stopped , the menu on the muzzle, on the remote pressed zero
when not turned off , color, and image , everything is fine !
1 shows the parameter VG , and this line is not active, that would set the zero .
Your remote , memory initialization done , nothing has changed .
Everything is fine ! Need to be pushed -Vol repeatedly
VG then goes to zero , the device is functioning properly

 Rolsen C21R70


TV Rolsen C21SR62NT,

entry into service.
Ingredients: processor NTDA9352C32NAG. memory 2416 . personnel TDA8357J. Power Supply TDA4605.
How to enter the service menu Rolsen C21SR62NT. No buttons on the TV , only on the remote .
1. Further sealed buttons SB1 and SB2 directly to the legs of the chip
1 and 15 button SB1
3 and 9 button SB2
3 . Procedures for the team "SERVICE":
Push button SB2, and not letting her push button SB1.


How to enter service TV ROLSEN C29SR157T.

Composition TV ROLSEN C29SR157T, processor SDA555 Pro 1.4a, memory 24C16 \ DDP3315C G3 / VSP9415B C4, vertical sweep LA7846N, wells KSH 148, you enter the service menu ?
From standby mode press on the TV "MENU" and pull it to press on the remote control button 0 .


TV ROLSEN C2150Z, entrance into the service menu .

Ingredients: TDA9381PS/N3/1/1730 microprocessor . necessary in the service menu to adjust the frequency inverter , but enter into the service menu does not work. No remote . All I produce , as it is written , bridged 1 and 3 feet connector X2 ( H402 ) through a resistor to 2.2 , but nothing happens . There is also available a service socket X400 , perhaps it is necessary that jumper ?
Classic version : volume plus button on the panel and the 0 button on the remote .


TV Rolsen C21SR57NT plat.


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