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Get into the service menu TV Rolsen C21SR57NT plat. Microprocessor sticker NTDA9352C32NAG, memory 24S16.V TV changed firmware now need to adjust the value.
Univers . service panel on the basis of IC SAA3010
Log into the service menu is realized when bridging subsequent contacts :
1. Horizon Television , Sadko , Polar - 3 + 9 feet ( for generating addresses 7) and 1 + 15 . This reliably for many, about 80 % of microprocessors TDA93 .., operating with standard RC- 5 .


TV Rawls S2121

, set a password for entering Setup .
Rawls S2121 set a password for entry into the setting. Its certainly forgotten. Went into the service menu. As if all went through . It is impossible to find a suitable bit off password.
It turned out to optsii1 ( OP1 ) was : 10111111 , 00111111 and you need to install .



, entrance into the service menu ?
Processor TDA9381/N2/3I, a piece of paper on it TDA9381PXF81 1.1d, buttons on the TV set not at all.
TV after the storm , repaired PSU. Still memory Nutrition died , found the net , now in standby indicator blinks and TT .
TT connects for a few seconds , then back to standby mode . Managed to tweak a few things. Raster small from all sides. Buttons on the front panel is not at all !
Managed to get into the service menu button soldered to the seventh conclusion processor on the ground. All scaled down , only missing volume control .



, enter the service.
Processor TDA9352PXN 1.1g, memory 24C016.
Enter the menu : SM, then St-by, then MENU on the TV + 0 on the remote , and Exit the TV.



. Does not start.

Appeared in repairs right after the storm ( from the words of the owner ) . Functioned only one program in the CF 3 . Immediately thought to 24S08 , but in extreme cases, traded KSH148, as the owner has not delivered the console.
Nothing has changed . Insert a blank 24S08 , but the device does not get out of the duty room , and received the LED to blink .


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