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Brought back old memories and television started. Probably , this TV works only with stitched or memory must somehow do innitsializatsiyu . Proggera not. Who advise - I will be very grateful. P.S. Recently called the owner - not sought control.
RS- 7 is available, but using it does not work . Tried various options with the standard 24S08 : volume to minimum and then pull it out '' the'' or '' mute'', or '' display '' - well, nothing .
At the same time , I burned it on top : soldered and the nozzle is not noticed , and after pulling snot value on sda - zero volts . I had to clean install again .
Hold the menu on the panel box , and click on the 0 button on the remote is in off mode .



Entering the service menu: push on the button [PRESET],
then [TEST] remote service , on-screen in the upper right corner
the letter M appears . To exit from the service , at the service
remote press [TEST]. Can also be accessed from the mode
service , button pressing [STANDBY].
Entering the service menu with the remote user : button
push [MENU], will appear on the screen " image ."
Push button digital [6] [ 4] [ 8 ] [3] on the remote control . Order
to enter into the service menu M1 ~ M4, corresponding to pressure
digital button on the remote control . To enter the service menu M5 ~ M0,
must first press the [CALL] key to exit the M1- M4 menu
appears on the letter M , then press the button consecutively
[LOCK] ( Figure suitcase with handle ) and one of the buttons digital
[5 ] to [ 9 ] and [0 ] for the entry in the menu M5 ~ M0. If you
any menu
M5 ~ M0 are, then jump to another menu can be carried out
without pressing the [LOCK], only the digital buttons .
• In service at pressing the [ -/-- ] can enter into
mode BUS OPEN.
When you press this button again, out of this mode
occurs .



TV Rubin 55M06 .

Log into the service menu lineup S0.
When pressured AV button to connect the power, and
her five seconds , or bypass the 250-500 ms contacts 6 and 7


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