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TV RUBIN 55M10- 1. How to access the service menu.

Ingredients: memory 24C08, processor TDA9381PS/N2/1I0836.
Here is the problem : buttons do not work on the TV -
processor accidents . From the remote control operates all . The question is this -
Is there a way of entering the service other than as "0 to
Remote control and press the MENU button on the unit. "
Disassemble the remote control . Lift leg 3 from the encoder over signet
and it connects with 9 foot. Team service - to connect legs
1 15 . Restores control back. Taxiing you know yourself .
Output as usual - button OK / TV.


TV Rubin 37S20DVD platinum

, entrance into the service menu .
After replacing Oski , it is necessary to shift the alignment and vertical downscaling .
Came the following: Menu button and push five times
Q.View, buttons 1 9pereklyuchenie menu modes , remember adjustment - Q.View.


TV Rubin 51 M06 is no " adjustment programs " menu .

Ingredients: microprocessor SAA5541, video processor TDA 8842 S1, tuner KS-H -131 0 , memory 24S08 .
Turned off the lock. No stitch settings . In the service menu
option "Hotel" - 0 . How to configure channels , do not know.
Three seconds to press MENU, MENU settings will appear .

TV Rubin 55M10 -1 is not included in the service menu.

Ingredients: Processor TDA9381PS/N2/1I0836, personnel TDA8356, memory 24C08 PET22- 23
I can not enter the service menu, pressed from the duty room on
face menu and remote zero, also tried VOL + , and on the remote zero
When pressed on the menu of the duty room , or on the + VOL
unit immediately included in the work , when he
TT upon pressure -VOL it can
transfer to the guardroom . Changed firmware , clean memory
installed , nothing changes , TV
functions , color, sound, image is everything
normally, but the green LED blinks steadily .

Peremknulo on the RC- 5 feet 3 + 9 ( for the formation of 7


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