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address) and 1 + 15 , and landed in the service menu, pressed
9 , and from network -VOL disabled , then turned on , and all
LED does not blink anymore, but somehow also
standby and left , with pressure on
muzzle device menu button also turns on the operating mode .
" pinout " keyboard when elected .


service menu

TV + DVD Rubin 37SN20DVD.

TV Rubin, composition: a single-chip processor Micronas/VCT3831AC4, 24s16 memory block wells EWT-5F3T1-E06W.
Log into the service menu - press menu , then five times push button quick viewing.



TV Rubin MO6 51

, compressed size vertically.
TV Rubin MO6 51 , ??compressed size , vertical , microprocessor SAA 5541 PS | M5 | 0355 memory 24SO8 , frame chip TDA8356, video processor TDA8842, give a glimpse into the service menu .
If not mistaken , close to the microprocessor - connector - it is necessary to short-lived bridged two extreme kontaktika - they have to be inscribed - from below - from the first time out , not all the time.
Microprocessor with software : CTV832. If no AV button on the panel, can be bridged legs 16 and 17 of the processor - a team of AV and holding , connect to the network. Since jumpering service contacts in the service connector , the inexperienced , the other hard times come . There duration jumper - conditioned . The developer says - about a quarter of a second. But it seems to me , a little longer ... and more or less is not a ride ... There's even a generator skhemochka duration for suckers . Engages in the service connector and happiness - it came .
Entered the service , adjusted the size , now the problem is how to save and exit , tried TV button data do not remain .
Television I started , it turned out not remote native gorizontovsky remote went .


service menu TV 37M10T Rubin -2

, how to be ?
Combination " To enter the service menu in standby mode must push the menu button on the front of the TV and the 0 button on the remote " worked, but here there is no parameter Op. Maybe this is not such a combination ? In general, bad luck TV that he sometimes switches to standby mode.


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