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Operation of the appliance is provided only on the condition that it is ok and initialized memory chip in which one is not entered on the settings of the program , but also all set when adjusting the values ??of the parameters .
So , after repair, combined with the change (D404) NVRAM , I must do the initialization of fresh chips .
For this it is necessary to get into the service menu , ie Menu processing apparatus adjustments .

Produces so .

Switch the TV to standby mode , and then , holding the pressured "Menu" button on the front panel of the unit , push the 0 button on the remote control .
To initialize NVRAM fresh , lying in the service menu , push the " 9 " on the remote and then - the " Volume + " or " volume - ". After a few seconds on the raster appears UOCini81V1.1a, and under it - notice «ready»?

Unplug the TV for a few seconds from the network and connect it again . Vlezte again in service mode , as outlined previously . The screen must show the inscription
IF 38.


TV Rubin 72FDS107

, how to get into the service menu.
Push the first button [PRESET], then [TEST] on the service console, the raster in the top right corner there letter M. In order to exit the service mode , push button [TEST] on the service console . You can also get out of the service mode by pressing the button [STANDBY].
• Log in with a user remote : push button [MENU], the on-screen menu there "Image ." Push the number buttons on the remote control 6483 . In order to get into the service menus M1 ~ M4, to press the numeric buttons on the remote .
To enter the service menu M5 ~ M0, must first push button [CALL] to exit the M1 -M4 , raster arise letter M , then consistently push button [LOCK] ( Figure suitcase with handle) and one of the number buttons to 567890 enter the menu M5 ~ M0.
If you are located in some of the menu M5 ~ M0, then go to a different menu can be done without pressing the button [LOCK], but only with the numeric keys .
• In service mode when pressing the [ -/-- ] can get into a mode BUS OPEN. In secondary pressing this button will exit this mode.


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