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, how to get into the service menu
How to get into the service menu of the TV .
And yet, lost control ( tell that what is suitable or original )
TV RUBIN 72FDS 109 processor - TDA9381PS/N2/31, personnel chip -TDA8177, memory - 24S08 , chassis which - I do not understand ( no information) .

Entry into service : C72FDS107, 109
Х First push button [PRESET], then [TEST] on the service console , the screen in the upper right corner turns letter M. To exit the service menu , push button [TEST] on the service remote control. You can also get out of the service menu by pressing the button [STANDBY].
Х Input from the user remote : push button [MENU], a menu will appear on the screen "Image ." Push the number buttons on the remote 6483 . To enter the service menus M1 ~ M4, to press the numeric buttons on the remote . To enter the service menus and M5 to M0, must first push button [CALL] to exit the previous menu M1- M4 . On the screen will appear the letter M , then consistently push button [LOCK] ( picture suitcase with handle) and one of the number buttons 5, 6, and to 0 for entry in the menu M5 ~ M0. If you are in a menu M5 ~ M0, then go to a different menu , can be carried out without pressing the button [LOCK], but only with the numeric keys .
Х In the service ienyu at pressing the [ -/-- ] can get into the mode BUS OPEN. In secondary pressing the button is out of this regime.



TV SABA M5110G need service mode.

Ingredients: processor TMP47C1637-RA34. video processor TDA8842. Chassis TX807 EU
familiar way - Diverting remote DR. disconnected from the network, the connection synchronously with purple-knopkoyTXT does not roll, even if the secondary pressing it. RCT-100 control your.
Necessary to put a 6.5 sound.
Microprocessor (TDA9351PS/N1/1L0180) TMP47P1637VN.
Log into the service menu - move the TV to standby mode. Turn off power button and wait until the LED goes off standby. Holding the button [Magenta (text)] on the remote control, connect the network button.


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