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After the occurrence of a second raster push button [Magenta (text)] on the remote control.
This is a typical entry.
Vyshlo.Knopku TEXT must continually press after a raster before being transferred to service three seconds.


TV SABA T7060TH chassis TX92F. How to get out of the service?

Ingredients: processor ST9293J9B1/HAE, memory 24C08, STV2118B
After the change of memory chips needed to enter the service menu to adjust the geometry. With the entry into the service menu did not raise issues, but it is true to come out to adjust the memory remained?
He was a service method: ST.b with remote control, then power button disabled, then the blue button on the remote control teletext held, pressed the button network connectivity.
I leave: disconnect the POWER button on the unit.
Also tried to turn off the network, turning the machine to the ST.B with remote. Also tried to disconnect by pulling the plug out of the socket. Settings are not remembered.
That's how it goes: the method relied on entry and exit from the service menu. Did everything correctly, as I said, but it turned out it was not. And rather to get out of service, and adjust all the memory would remain, to reach to the bottom of the menu adjustments geometry and in the bottom option MEMO is.
Pushing the button FUNC, we save up all memory adjustable parameters.


TV SABA M5106, chassis TX-90

, squeeze into service.
The sound does not change more than 10% of the entire scale. Self-evident, it is necessary to HOTEL MODE-To get out of it, you must first enter the service mode. How? Applied microprocessor ST6392B1/BAF. Memory when it is not found, but it would have a new tossed.

Try the native remote control TC-415. It has a blue button with the index VT, but referring to the entry into the service menu, I did not go out.
About a year ago I had a similar TV. This is a mode.
Try it. I left it as the information from the site just attendants hotels!
Now this site is not functioning. But the left of the page.


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