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A Adjusting AGC
Necessary to adjust the parameter is selected MENU button on the remote control and regulate the contents buttons P + and P?. After the transition to the next parameter the new value is automatically stored.
To exit the service mode, press the TV button on the remote.

(Microcontroller Z8624704PSC, video processor STV2118B)
To enter the service mode with the remote service repeatedly press F1 - F2 - F3. If there is no remote service, then the operation is performed on normal remote control: it repeatedly press DISPLAY - MUTE - SLEEP - FUZZY - SLEEP (or DISPLAY).
You should see the list of parameters (Table 7).
Browse the list - using the CH +, CH-, and adjust the selected option - using the - and +.
Table 7
Parameter Description Parameter
V POS Vertical Alignment
V HEIGHT Vertical Size
H SHIFT Horizontal Alignment
SUB BRT Subyarkost
AGC Automatic Gain Control
R DRV white balance "light"
G DRV white balance "light"
B DRV white balance "light"
R DC White balance in the "dark"
G DC White balance in the "dark"
HEAT RUN mode of training
To exit the service menu again repeatedly press F1, F2, F3 on the service remote control or turn off the TV power switch and then on again.

CHASSIS PAEX0045. D - service mode (20 ", 21")

addition to Service Bulletin 12, the entry in the extended D-service mode 1. In the operating mode of the TV to reduce the volume to 0, the values, then press and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press the button on the remote DISPLAY (with TV enters S-service mode).
2. Release on the TV button VOL-, press the button on the remote DISPLAY.
Repeatedly press on the front panel button VOL-and once again press DISPLAY (with the TV should go into service mode D - extended service).
Use the opportunity to rewrite the set values in memory when the so-called "processor failure" (eg, spontaneous initialization, resetting the set values).

CHASSIS ST-201.Servisny TV mode "Record 51/54 TC 5169/5172"

(MCUs SAB80C32, M27C256B or STV9224, video processor STV2118B)


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