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Below I leave them in the original.
Variant 1
Press the STANDBY button on the remote, then Unplug the TV.
Press and hold the STANDBY button at power-up. Release when the menu is disabled.
The main menu is displayed, use the + / - button to choose on / off.
Press TUNE (yellow) to go to the TIMER MENU line.
Use + / - to select ON / OFF.
Press TUNE (yellow) to go to the submenu sound.
Use + / - to check the volume level required.
Press TV on the remote control to save and exit.
Option 2

i - yellow - prog
Option two - for different versions of Nokia's and Thomson. Probably the first option under the label TH91 chassis.
I do not remember word for word translation - then translated, and did forgotten.


TV Sadko 54TTS6101 NE, tuner.

Ingredients: processor TDA9351, memory 24C08, ILA1519, TDA8356.
Because the buttons do not work well on the panel, the hosts
inadvertently reset when clicked. The result is no channels.
Changed when wells: TBL on A2, and earned tuner
in the range of 1-6 channel, but only if there is an image
the presence of any on-screen menu, otherwise black
screen and sound. It seems the whole problem in the settings.
Processor: TDA9351PS/N2/1I0981 K3J445 Y46237 Y1 ver_1.1ru.
Tuner unmarked, printing only the release date. MSH-93S chassis.
To trouble is not repeated - replaced buttons. Sudden
entrances tehnomenyu stopped. Now the entrance to tehnomenyu XN1 jumper on the board.
Values ??introduced in accordance with all file and mark the tuner set only IF - 38,0.



, it is necessary to remove the "parent" code, tv + dvd
Ingredients: microprocessor ST92195C7B1/MTH, line transformer BSC25-0269, KSH-1352 tuner.
Another essay Kaliningrad consumer goods at
connection requests to enter three digits of the code, if you enter
Seven Stars instead appear regardless
from the figures we press (and scheming?), then re-enter the code can only be after the second turn.


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