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With a clear memory 24s08 incorrectly starts with clenched
raster to 3cm, background and t.p.Tip chassis failed
determine finding no pohozhego.Kak service mode
enter or remove the lock, picking up only 1000 versions of the code?
To enter, you must dial the area code 1360 button "MENU". In service three tables.
The service is more convenient to use the native console. Rollover
service tables - red button. Output - green button. Storing automatically changes.
When you lock "key" - the service menu entry is not available.
Reset the lock - it is necessary to press the green button three times PP.
* When replacing the memory chips must be put stitched!
Photography remote native RC-DVD -

 SAGA 1441


, as in the service log from the remote control MAK 2002 Maxi.
Appropriate combination to enter the service menu with the remote MAK2002 Maxi. (Code 1025).
Log in to the device works; press LOCK, then -/--,
then 0, then 2-P / C and SHIFT + MENU. on 2-bit digital display lights up (-)
then button (2-P / C) down or up button -/-- - choose option as described in the manual.
Then (SHIFT + MENU)-record of chosen settings, and exit from the ERASE button service.



Upon entering the service mode is nothing special. I was coming in,
using the native control (attach remote photo). Feature
when entering: button must be pressed through
the same intervals. Input method: button
P, *, 0, #, M. Everything is wonderful at it, but not the first time.



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