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Fig. 1, a chassis for SW-2013AP - Fig. 2 .

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Fig . 1. Scheme Revised staffing remote chassis SW-216AP and SW-1411SP
Note .
1. Refinement regular remote as shown in Fig . 1 is to remove
( lanes gap ) at two locations on the mounting plate and installing
three new bridges .
2 . Completion regular remote as shown in Fig . 2 is to install
in place
Button Factory one of the seldom-used buttons ( for example,
LANGUAGE). This button neatly excised from the rubber matrix
To enter the service mode with modified remote control (Fig. 1)
click on the mute button SLEEP - CH.SCAN. If the remote control finalized
According to Fig . 2
then enter the service mode , press the FACTORY. The screen
display the main menu of the service mode (Table 4) .
Navigation in the main menu and in the enclosed executed buttons P +,
P- and OK
( to enter the selected menu ) on the remote control , and adjustment of parameters -
buttons - ,
+ . New settings are saved
automatically after switching to another parameter .
Table 4
Main menu Description
ADJUSTMENT menu to adjust the picture and sound settings
TEST PATTERN field test mode display RGB
OPTION BYTE control processor configuration management

RESET System reset (setting factory settings )
To adjust TV mode "PAL / SECAM, 50 Hz " is supplied to the
its input
corresponding signal and regulate the ADJUSTMENT menu options
are listed in Table . 5 .
Table 5
Full Parameter name Parameter Description
AGC Auto gain control Automatic gain control
VCO Auto fine tune Setting reference circuit videodetector
SBT Sub bright Subyarkost
SCT Sub contrast Subkontrastnost
SCR Sub color subsaturated
SC S-cor. vert. S- correction in the vertical
RG R drive gain white balance " light "
GG G drive gain white balance " light "
BG B drive gain white balance " light "
CDL Color delay delay chrominance signals
PSL PAL slope vert vertical linearity
PVS PAL vert. Alignment of vertical shift
PVA PAL vert. Amplitude Vertical Size


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