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PHS PAL horiz. Centering horizontal shift
To adjust TV mode "NTSC, 60 Hz " is fed to its input
corresponding signal and regulate the ADJUSTMENT menu options
are listed in Table . 6.
Table 6
Full Parameter name Parameter Description
AGC Auto gain control Automatic gain control
VCO Auto fine tune Setting reference circuit videodetector
SBT Sub bright Subyarkost
SCT Sub contrast Subkontrastnost
SCR Sub color subsaturated
SC S-cor. vert S- correction , vertical
RG R drive gain white balance " light "
GG G drive gain white balance " light "
BG B drive gain white balance " light "
NSL NTSC slope vert vertical linearity
NVS NTSC vert. Alignment of vertical shift
NVA NTSC vert. amplitude size vertical
NHS NTSC horiz. Centering horizontal shift
Menu OPTION BYTES set configuration parameters specific
TV model .
Byte values ??of options 1 and 2 are in hexadecimal notation ,
, respectively , 8 and 99.
RESET menu allows you to set the factory default settings .
To exit the service mode, press the button on the remote control CH.SCAN .

CHASSIS SW-216M. TV service mode "Record 51/54
TC 5169 "

( microcontroller
SW-1222APR or SMZ-137M3 - 2558 , M52777SPA video processor )
To enter the service mode on this chassis can be used as
Remote Control Unit (RCU ) and staff
( custom) .
In the first case include a television in the operating mode , and
remote service
Repeatedly press SLEEP - FACTORY. Second
case staffing
Remote control button is pressed successively STAND-BY - P.STD - HELP -
ON. The screen should display the main menu of the service mode
(Table 1) .
Navigation in the main menu and in the enclosed executed buttons P +,
P- and OK
( to enter the selected menu ) on the remote control , and adjustment of parameters -
buttons -
and + . New settings are saved automatically after
transition to another parameter .
Table 1
Main menu Description
ADJUSTMENT menu to adjust the picture and sound settings
TEST PATTERN field test mode display RGB
OPTION BYTE control processor configuration management


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