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M- Mode - accelerated + training .
Enter the service S- adjustment mode (SERVICE MODE) with a conventional remote control :
working in TV mode , press and hold on
button VOL-( volume at minimum ), press on the remote control
press DISPLAY.
In the upper left corner of the TV screen will appear S
means integrating
special service mode adjustment.
name and value of the TV screen controlled functions
Selection of a new function by pressing the remote control buttons or PROG +
Adjusting the value of the function by pressing the button on the remote control
VOL + or VOL-.
List of regulated functions in S- mode service .

When you press the remote button on the screen disappears -/-- personnel
scan . by
glow narrow horizontal stripes adjust accelerating
voltage .
Value of control functions are written in the memory automatically .
Enter the service mode D, M is only possible using
special service remote control.
TV returns to normal operation after shutdown

Record xx TC 5171

First we need to turn off the TV with the " network" , and then
turn it on by holding the button on the panel "P +" and " P " . On the screen
part of a letter of GLHPRGB A. Active mode
highlighted in yellow
color. Switching modes from the control book. "Menu" Setup " P +"
" P "
G - Setting U on kinescope varies on strochnike . The screen
red or green square . Be installed so that they are both
L - Linearity Vertical
H - Vertical Size
P - Horizontal Shift
R, G, B - White Level
And - it is not clear why.

SIT - 405

Enter the service mode for the MCH 405 may be performed at any
TV AV mode as of and from any channel. Log in
menu must
have available remote RS -4 button SERV. In the absence of this
button, you can
connect button between the legs 15 and 23
( HL1 ) chip in the console. When you press the button at least SERV
than 0.5 seconds
on the display will light up the SIT -405 CH (CHEK) is the so-called mode
TV. This mode does not prohibit normal operations for


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