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CHASSIS 200-100-TV2K. Record 37/51/54 TC 5188.

Video processor: STV2246.
Control Processor: ST92185.
Enter the service mode (SERVICE MODE) is possible with a modified remote control (RC) circuit modifications described below (page 2).
Log in SERVICE MODE with modified remote: press SERVICE, appear on the TV menu SERVICE V2.0.
Moving the cursor over the lines produced using the P +, P-.
Change the value of the adjustable parameter is performed using the buttons? -, +.
Reliable main menu SERVICE MODE:
setting the level of description
Tuner A.G.C. 46 Auto Level Control
Red gain adjustment 38 red in white (accelerating)
Red cutoff control 32 red in black
Green gain 38 adjustable green in white
Green cut-off control 32 green to black
Blue gain adjustment 38 blue to white H
Position 32 horizontal offset (phase)
VPOS 50 07 vertical alignment (50 Hz)
VPOS 60 08 vertical alignment (60 Hz)
VAMP 50 40 vertical size (50 Hz)
VAMP 60 48 vertical size (60 Hz)
VCO Coarse adjustment drive 05
VCO Fine adjustment of the IF 070
VCO Coarce L1 05 adjustable drive for L-standard
VCO 080 control IF 2
Fine L1 for L-standard

In order to enter the embedded service menu press the button on the remote OK.
Schedule submenu SERVICE MODE:
setting the level of description
A.G.C. Gain 01 AGC
Misc February 1 OPTION BYTES not change!
HPOS OSD 009 OSD positioning
VPOS OSD 01 OSD positioning
HPOS TXT * 046 is not used in this model
HVPOS TXT * 05 is not used in this model
VHF / UHF Note 1
3,58 Mhz NO
* - Only for models with teletext. Note 1: For PAL BG models =
for PAL I = UHF models
CHART Power Board RC


CHASSIS 200-100-TV2K

1. Remove the top cover of the remote control.
1. Break out the window at the bottom of the remote control cover under the green button SERVISE (click entry into service mode).
2. Set in the resulting window of a button, without having much practical value, after having cut it.


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