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Ingredients: Processor MST718BE.
It is necessary to set the level of black and white balance (if any).
Remote is not true (the M button - one to one). No hidden buttons.
LCD panel SVA104A-R1.1, cpu MST718BU-LF 128pin,
video + scaler Label: 8pin smd VS208D Flash SPI W25X20VNIG.
Log into the service menu:
1. Disable DVD-TV button on-off
2. Hold the front of the TV menu button to connect the DVD-TV button on-off.
3. Holding the menu, while the service menu does not run and will not find it!


TV Akai CT-2895 ENT as the service menu to open a DK?

Ingredients: SDA30C163-3 processor, stereo MSP3410
The sound is only stereo (nikamovskih) programs.
In fact, Swedish TV, rear okromya model Akai painted Model FX71U1, enter the service menu - press the menu button on the TV and the remote i.
But there's a color and geometry, maybe there are other pages? Or still stick converter?
In the regular menu there is a line BG, not closed, but you can not change anything.
Before the operation, the firmware saved. In Akayev firmware storage is a nice feature of the latter state (standby or active) at power off.
When you initialize the new memory is lost (when voltage is applied to the duty room is installed with no options) ....

 Akai CT-2895 ENT
everything turned out.
Red button went to the options menu, the fifth elected, pressed 2 - it was 00,000,101, the duty room - connected in the user menu, there was switching BG / DK.


TV Akai CT-G215, Processor CTV222SPRC1, OSD language
Ingredients: Processor CTV222S video processor TDA8362. After replacing the CPU CTV222S PRC1 Chinese menu.
Given the analog video processor, the service, I think, is missing.
In general, the question, in one processor decoder, or is likely to fetch?
Samples are not available. If this is essential - Sets: PCA84C641P-168, a Belarusian INA84C641NS-168, and will be Russian. Remodel nothing.

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