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service menu TV AKAI 15CT22FS.

Microprocessor TD9381PS/N3/2/1830.
TV "Falcon"
Model 54TTS8704FS.

To enter the service menu is necessary to press the "MENU" button on the remote and dial the number buttons on the remote control code is 8500.
In the upper right hand corner of the screen there the letter M in red. For settings and adjustments provided for ten sub-menu. Submenu called upon digital control buttons from 0 to 9.


TV Akai 21CT32FSR

, enter the service menu.
Service menu AKAI21CT32FSR manufacturing "Falcon". Flied recognition SLE.
The volume is set to 0, then mute, mute, and the button menu.


enter the service menu TV AKAI 29CT23FSR.

Apparatus AKAI 29CT23FSR S / P, processor TDA9384PS/N3/3, a piece of paper on it - CH05T1625 PZ29795 28.04.05. chassis is not visible.
JUC7.820.898 B / P 5Q1265RF. TDKS BSC59B 50620-06049. Tuner TDQ-5B6-M, sound tda9859. Memory 24c16.
The problem of the correction of the vertical image, increased horizontal greatly reduced - in short, a pillow, the firmware is not available, the service does not know.
Put the volume to 0 on the remote to press MUTE-and knoochpku MENU on the front of the TV and stick them in the space of two seconds. The screen must be S.
Possible, and you do not have the information, the fact that the sound level I sticking to one, and the TV very loud talking, and still does not work adjust - at the top right of the horizontal line down the warp.
The service menu is not very clear.
Besides, S did not appear, and immediately right FF 5F 09 33 3E AE
March 10 0D 18 03 0B
3F 30 36 3C
1F 31 0C 3F 3F
24 22 23 22 20
then translate 1234567890
The service has a feature INIT - initialize, reset, and I did, and then all rigged by hand.



, enter the service menu? What is the chassis?

When you disconnect the network (interruptions in the power supply) is connected to the operating mode, although it was a disconnect in the duty room.

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