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It would be good description of the service menu and the option that is responsible for activation.
Processor TDA9381/N3/2/1831.
Amiss option from Ruby 107.
Log into the service menu: MENU, then the code of 6483, will appear the letter "M".
Digital menu selection buttons 1,2,3,4.
From the data menu, press-CALL, then the castle, and other menus 5.6 - 9.0. So to get to other menus.
In the ninth option MENU START On c 1 change on 2.


enter service in TV AKAI 15CT22FS


Chassis apparataPX20045-3C.
Need to press the menu and type in the code 8500.





Ingredients: UNTD6G, 6194 LF, NPTD15 01B, B. 24C16, Novatek
NT68521AEFG, TDA15021H/N1C00, SM5964.
Enter the service mode: - consistently pressed on the remote DISPLAY,
then red, then green, then yellow, and key DISPLAY,
Home LCD-MENU. Menu FACTORY 2, and find yourself in a 1 and 3 -
is still unknown.


TV ARVINCF2907HUE chassis CH-16 Service

Ingredients: CPU TDA9384PS/N2/3, memory-24C08, HR - TDA8351,
sound - TDA7495S
I request help on the service menu TV ARVIN CF2907HUE, CH-16 chassis. Whether that's a correct version: volume set to 0 with the remote. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and the MENU button on the TV about 2 seconds simultaneously.
Exit: Tap to exit the mode S POWER. I tried, but did not get into the service once.
This service chassis CH-16S absolutely. You CH-16 chassis, so try:

Press MUTE, then CALL, then 980.
Service is correct, almost all fixed,



Login to the service menu:
1. volume is equal to "O" to install the unit (optional).
2. Pressing the button "Vol -" on TV, push button "DISP" on the remote.
3. The letter "S" on the screen in the top right corner of the light, and the adjustable parameter and its value in the left corner glows.
Switching between takes button E "P +" and "P", Change - is performed buttons "Vol +" and "Vol-", as the remote control and on the TV.

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