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Test mode
To enter the test mode, press the [Test], [Test]. Appears on the screen OSD "TT-".
The functions described below are caused by repeatedly pressing the two buttons with the numbers. In test mode, the menu screen to switch the [Speaker off]. To exit, press [0], [0], or switch the TV to the "Stand-by".
To test modes 41-49 TV should be mounted on the program 59.

00 Deactivate CT
01 Setting the picture to the maximum
02 Setting the picture at least
Setting the value to 03 35%
Setting the value to 04 50%
Setting the value to 05 65%
Setting the value to 06 80%
07 training conditions (image brightness and maximum, minimum volume)
Acceptance condition (analog values are reset to the initial set in the manufacture, select program 1, TT mode is turned off, set the volume of 35%)
09 request flag "Menu"
10 Function of the input code 1 0 removed. 10-13 - Single
14 Detection AV 16:9 on / off
Reading default settings from non-volatile memory - read Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness, Color values from ROM to the current values used (the memory of the last cycle)
16 Storing the current values as values, which is reset (Reset). Stored Balance, Treble, Bass, Hue, Sharpness Reset the position in the NVM.
17 Preset identify the source AV.
RGB 18 Priority on / off
19 Remove all pre-notation.
20 Function with input code 20 is removed.
21 Subkontrast
22 Sub color
23 Sub brightness
24 The standard of sound U, priority RGB off
25 Standard Audio D, priority RGB off
26 standards in sound, priority RGB off
27 standards to sound, priority RGB off
28 Standard Audio L, priority RGB off
29 standard audio E, priority RGB off
30 Function with input code 30 is removed.
A sound 31 Standard, priority RGB Inc.
32 Blank
33 Automatic adjustment of AGC
34 Adjusting the output N / S
35 Manual adjustment of the AGC. 36-39 - unmarried.
40 functions with the input code 40 is removed.
41 Re-initializing the non-volatile memory
42 Use only TV program
43 new geometric initialization settings
44 Initialization of all "favorite" page = 100

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