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04 H. Size (horizontal size)
05 Pin Amp (amplitude of the parabola)
06 Corn Pin (correction in the corners)
07 Tilt (trapezoid)
08 V. Linear (vertical linearity)
09 V. Size (vertical size)
0A S. Corr (S - correction)
0V V. Cent (vertical alignment)
Parameter V.ANGLE (parallelogram) manipulated variable
resistor on RV301 D. board


AKAI CT-2137 (11AK10)

The plant Akai, we select for each model, standards and external factors that allow for each destination. When the main P.C.
Council or the EEPROM on the Main P.C. Board replaced for any reason, remember the content in accordance with the following procedure.
1) Press DISPLAY, SLEEP, MENU button on the remote control continuously.
2) Click the green button once. Then, at the same time STD symbol green color changes to white character.
3) Select the STD numbers from 1 - 3 buttons.
4) Click on the yellow button once. Then, at the same time the EXT symbol yellow color changes to white character.
5) Select the EXT number from 1 - 3 buttons.
6) Click on the red button to memorize.
7) Press TV 'to return to normal picture.


Akai CT-2190

Processor TCL-A19V03-TO
8821CPNG4088 memory 24S08
Instructions for setting the TV Akai CT-2190
1. Enter the service mode:
Turn on the TV to normal operation. Press "VOL -" Control panel TV set the volume to "00" and holding it down, press the "Display" on the remote. You will see the service menu. D
2. Select a page from the service menu by remote control number keys "1-0."
3. Selecting the - keys "PRO".
4. Changing the value-keys "VOL.
Exit the service mode with conservation parameter settings by the TV to "STANDBY".


Press and hold Vol-, enable Display button on the remote. OSD S symbol appears at the top. Access to 16 options.


AKAI CT-G2111 (8821)

Unfortunately, we have only 3 page manual.

This series deals with the concern Toshiba, leading to the development of the range 88XX.
Super CMOS chip, which is a processor integrated circuit, to test it applied:

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