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I. proposed to use the following tools to maintain:
Simple oscilloscope;
Simple signal generator;
Digital universal tester, and other related tools
II. The main functions and characteristics
a) Key features:
J. Multisystem (PAL, SECAM.NTSC / DK, I, BG and M);
Components and
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4. N451 LA7840/LA7841
The vertical displacement of the output circuit
PIN Contents
1 Weight
2 HR output
Phase 3 Results Vcc
4 No / V input
5-inverting input
6 Vcc
7 The buildup IP Out
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

PIN PIN Contents
One power supply
2 Zvukrvoy output
3 NC
4 Weight
5 BS
6 Feedback
7 Zvukrvoy input
8 Filter
9 NF
B. Correction device as a whole
I Adjust the power and voltage:
Turn on the TV and get the signal, bring the TV for a few minutes at normal brightness and contrast before adjusting potentiometer RP551. Ask + B
Voltage to the specified values: (14 "-21") 110V; (25 "-29") 130V.

The entry / exit Factory Mode:
Set Volume = 0, holding the TV VOL-press DISP, which is displayed as a button on the small screen with a plus sign. The screen will display the symbol. This is a simple service mode S, which are available from the service mode menu 0, 1 and 2.
To enter the advanced service mode in S mode, press and release the button DISP console, then press the V-TV, hold it, again press DISP.
The screen will display the symbol.
To exit the service mode, just press SLEEP.

To edit the logo in the service mode, you must click PP. Edited everything, and the content and color and location.
For processor provides CPNG5DD2 economy mode, when a black screen logo walks.
Tips on replacing the processor
Older Processor 8821-CPNG4NC8 now changed to the new 8821-CPNG5DD2, while after the change and turn on the TV at the beginning is automatically initialized memory.
For proper operation of the buttons Vol-TV, you need to reduce the resistor R703 from 15k to 12k. Now you can go to the service and set in the 3rd menu option value OPT to E7 and SET to 00.
Conclusions 56 and 61 of the processor must be reversed.


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