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chassis: MONO PLUS 2

Processors: SDA5222, SDA5223, SDA5255, SDA5253.
Press series on the remote control: MUTE> OK (M)> TV
Display the first sub Servise menu 1.
Switching between sub - blue button remote.
Parameter selection buttons - up / down.
Changing the setting buttons - left / right.
Introduction to Memory button - OK (M).
Adjustable parameters in the first submenu (Service menu 1):
Start APS - YES option means that the function is activated auto-search stations after the first turn on the TV and all found the program will be automatically entered in the
Setting NO blocks this procedure after vkyucheniya supply.
V-Amplitude - Vertical size.
H-Shift - The horizontal position.
U1 - Adjust voltage + B.
Second submenu (Service menu 2):
Set Standart - Select the TV standard.
APS Standart - Setting the standard for function autoprogramming TV.
RC Mode - Select the type of remote control.
Front AV - Install option YES, if there is an external source.
Text Characters - Select Teletext character generator.
In the third sub-menu (Service menu 3):
Equalizer - Option YES means activating the formation characteristics.
C4 bit - bit to inform about the kind of received audio (analog, NICAM). YES option means switching to analog sound.
Loudness - On / off extra sound effects.
AVC - YES option activates the noise reduction.
Carrier Mute - YES option mutes the sound level in the absence of a carrier.
Hi-Dev - The function used in the event of signal overmodulation
The output of the service:
Press TV on the remote.



Processor 726A5215
VPU AN5195K-C.
Log into the service menu - both vol + and vol-click on the TV and turn on the power switch. Position of the service menu buttons 1 - 9 console selected, the value is changed with the + -
Get out of the service - power off.



Chassis: TV9.8/TV9.7. Processor: ST92R195.
Log into the service menu:
1) Press the MUTE button on the remote, then release

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