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2) press on the remote control in sequence: OK> TV
To make adjustments in service use keys: VISION - selection submenu, (P + / P-) - the election of the adjustable parameter, (VOL + / VOL-)

  • To change the controlled variable,

memorization - OK.
Functions in the service mode set:
1. Initialize memory NVM: New initalisation of the NVM values, to adjust the geometry is not affected. Working with new data comes after the trip and the secondary connection to a TV.
2. Setting the NVM reset - connect this option to write data to the memory initialization causes constant with adjustable geometry.
3. Aspect switching - Picturetube.
4. TV-Type - Switch between Multistandard and odnostandartnym reception.
5. Tuner-Type - Tuner election (4064 Multi, lub 5002 Multi, 6002 Multi, 4002 BG).
6. Front AV - Enable / Disable AV.
7. Forced PAL - Forced connection PAL (only in playback mode).
8. Test mode-Data - only applied during manufacture TV.
9. VPS / PDC-Display - Power On / Off (used in testing, using the yellow can display the appropriate code).
10. Aute format - on / off (depending on the voltage selection switch format).
Modifying addresses:
Pushing the yellow button, the service main menu to access the contents of m / c, memory permanent lead. Any change must click OK to remember. The TV, the new configuration is after secondary connection to a TV.
Adjusting the parameters in the service mode:
Vertical Size - Vertical amplitude.
Center vertically-Vertical position.
S-correction - S-Correction.
Linear vertical - Vertical Symmetry.
Horizontal alignment signals RGB - Horisontal Pos. RGB.
Horizontal center-Horisontal Position.
Pincushion distortion - Cushion.
Keystone - Trapeze.
Distortion in the corners-Corner.
Linearity Horizontal - Horisontal Symmetry.
Phase of the signal blanking right - Blanking Phase Right.
Phase of the signal damping left - Blanking Phase Left.
Delay color - Chroma Delay.
Delay brightness - Luma Delay.
Newline - An additional option, the changes were intended to adjust the horizontal picture position.

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