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G2 - accelerating voltage regulation. Elect the cathode with the highest voltage and adjust to the time on the raster will be observed at the two values change with the express.
Adjusting the cutoff point cathode-Cutoff.
White balance-White Drive.
The vertical position of characters OSD - Vert. Pos OSD.
The horizontal position of OSD - Hor. Pos. OSD.
Get out of the service: to press on the remote TV.


TV20/2121, TV14/20/2120, 14/51/55A1TX, 14/20/21MP50 VT, 37/51/5521,
shassis: MONO PLUS 2 processors: SDA5223, SDA5255, SDA5222, SDA5253.
Log into the service menu press on the remote control in sequence: MUTE, then OK (M), then TV.
Affect first submenu Servise menu 1.
Switching between sub - blue button remote.
Parameter selection button mi - up / down.
Changing the setting button E - left / right.
Memory is in the button - OK (M).
Adjustable parameters in the first submenu (Service menu 1):
click Start APS - Option YES indicates that the function is activated auto-search programs will be the first connection of TV and all the programs found will be entered automatically into the memory. Setting NO blocks the procedure, after power.
V-Amplitude - The size of the screen vertically.
H-Shift - The position of the raster horizontally.
U1 - Adjust Power Module + B.
AGC - AGC is.

In the second sub-menu (Service menu 2):
Set Standart - election of standard television.
APS Standart - the Standard function autoprogramming TV.
RC Mode - election type remote control.
Front AV - Set YES option if external source is present.
Text Characters - election Teletext character generator.

In the third sub-menu (Service menu 3):
Equalizer - Option YES indicates generation of an activation function characteristics.
C4 bit - bit that advertises varieties received sound (NICAM, analog). YES option means switching to analog sound.
Loudness - on / off extra sound effects.
AVC - Option YES suppressor function activates.
Carrier Mute - YES option mutes the sound level in the absence of the program.

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