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Hi-Dev - A function in the case of audio overmodulation
Get out of the service: to put pressure on the TV remote control.



(Changhong actually) processor TDA9381-7NA.
Enter the service mode: push MENU, then quickly dial the code 8500. The election of options from 0 - 9.


Enter the service mode:
1. connect.
2. Enter the User Menu.
3. Setting ("Brightness") "Brightness" to "0" to remove and two seconds from the control dial "6568."
Exit the service mode: TV off.


TV Akai CT-S141MTD-E3. Ingredients: microprocessor SAA5332PS/M4/0993.

How to enter the service menu video recorder Akai CT-S141MTD-E3.
Microprocessor SAA5332PS/M4/0993, videoprots. native was OM8338PS, SECAM colorless walked TDA8844postavil went color, but the vertical size was broken, you need to correct.
Code 1051 on universal MAK2008, entry with AV, corrected


TV Akai 29CT08HN, exit the test mode.

Composition: the label processor NTDA9361D354AG, tuner TDP-4A4.
TV repaired, but in the upper right corner of the image label Red Test, it can be exchanged for Bus Open -/-- button on the remote. English menu, change the language does not, in the service menu does not enter. Who knows how this mode reset.
Memory stores, you put a clean and disassemble.

 Akai 29CT08HN

While evading, Rawls went to the site, there is found the entrance to the service menu on a similar model. Really do not see the letter M, but pressing the button accidentally fell into a digital service menu, page 10 looked at, did not change anything, turned off in standby mode, then turn on again. Everything fell into place.
After reading recent posts, I realized that TV was already in the service menu.

TV Akai CT-14W30M, processor AN5195K - the entrance to the service.

Need to adjust the color balance.
When the TV (VOL +) (VOL-), holding naTV, turn on the TV.

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