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AKAI CT2161 CT2565 CT2567 CT2865 CT2867

With the remote (MUTE) (OK) (TV). Data record (OK).
AKAI CT2899, 7171 (chassis B-E2)
For CCU11 (• °) (C) (H)
Click for CCU12 screwdriver contact hole near the keyboard and press the right button (S)



Processor 726A5215 video Processor AN5195K-C
Login to the service - simultaneously press vol + and vol-on the TV and turn on the power switch.
Items selected service menu buttons 1 - 9 console, book values change. + -
Output - power off.
On the machine simultaneously press the buttons (VOL +) and (VOL-), while holding them, turn on the TV.


AKAI CT-2119PD \ PDT, U2E \ Y2 \ Y2E AIWA; 1402:2102 Kl

: Press the service key, located on the motherboard. In this case, the output circuit 7 TVP02066D 05/04 closes on the case.
Keep the service key and press the button on the remote control display information on the screen. TV switches to the service mode, and the screen will display SERV.
Choose the option with the + P. Changes the value of the buttons + VOL-,
To memorize press the remote control P <->. The screen will display "MEMO". As she goes out, you can not press any button, as it will lead to loss of memorized values.
To exit the service mode, the R is selected message SERV, and then press the power button on the remote TV.
Entering the service mode
1. Power on the TV and enter the "Stand-by".
2. Click [Display on screen], [5], [Volume +], [TV] on the remote. Will appear in the upper right corner of the designation TT, and other status information.
3. To display the menu, press [Menu].
4. Press [Red] (next) or [Green] (Previous) to select the chip from the table corresponding to the desired position with the designation of the adjustment. Then click on [White].

5. Press [Red] (next) or [Green] (Previous) to select the designation of adjustment. Then press the [+] and [-] to change the data for the requirements of each standard.
6. Turn off the power to end the service mode, when control over.

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