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Service Chassis

Chassis H-501, H-501V Perc. Z8624704PSC To enter the service menu is necessary to press the button on the remote control.
(DISPLAY) (MUTE) (SLEEP) (FUZZY) Then when you press the DISPLAY [/ b] is adjusted geometry and AGC, and when you press the [b] SLEEP - white balance. output POWER OFF

Chassis H-704V-03 (04, 05) A SDA555XFL A14 In normal mode, press successively: DISP-MUTE-SLEEP-FUZZY-DISP, or DISPLAY-MUTE-SLEEP-FUZZY-TIMER.

Chassis ICC5
Hold down the button (VOL-) and (PROG-) on the TV to enable the network switch. Hold until you see a message. Out POWER OFF.
Chassis ICC9, ICC10, ICC17, ICC19, 1CC21 - see. THOMSON
Chassis KD-035 [b] percent. TDA11106, TDA11136PS / N3 / 3 (NT11136PC301AG) [/ b]
Press the MENU, 6, 4, 8, 3 Switching between pages - buttons 1,2,3. Out STANDBY.

Chassis KS20TK305 percent. TDA12020H1 / N1F00
On the remote quickly press the MENU button and button 5 times Q.VIEW

chassis M06, M09, M10 - see. RUBIN

Chassis M1.ITT NOKIA SALORA percent. CCU-SALO-07 (CCU20XX) input (C) (*) (O / V) (#) (M). output-power

Chassis M11
Press the DISP button on the remote control while VSM. Exit this mode - DISP.

M113 chassis prots.TCL-A25V02-T0 8857CRNG5FF4 input can be in two ways
1. Set the VOL-0, hold the TV VOL-, press on the remote control Display 3 times, the screen will show D
2. On the remote service press D, (on the user's remote hidden button, but this method can be switched off when the option -OPT)
All values ??are saved automatically.

M13 chassis Perc. TMPA8809
turn on the TV to normal operation. Button (VOL-) on TV Control Panel to set the volume level to "00" and holding it, press three times (Display) on the remote control. Appears on the screen D. Election of the page in the service menu are made with remote keys (0 ... 9). Selecting - keys (PRO) Change parameter value - keys (VOL).
Setting the accelerating voltage: When in the service mode button (MUTE) with the remote control to turn off the vertical scan. SCREEN potentiometer flyback transformer, set slightly luminous horizontal bar. Enable vertical scan by pressing the key (MUTE).

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