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Service Chassis

To initialize the memory must be on D mode dial code 0752.
The logo does not change when it is activated on the screen there is a big red sign - TCL.
Output - OK button to set FACTORY OFF, then press STANDBY on the remote control.

M35 M36 chassis percent. VCT3831A
Press the [CAPS], then [REVEAL], for everything - for 3 seconds. Go to the submenu [REVEAL] Out [OK]

M5 chassis Perc. M5ENGV1
set the volume to "0" button (VOL-) on the front panel and hold down (VOL-) Press (DISPLAY) on the remote control.

M66 chassis Perc. TDA12062H / N1F00
The service menu can be accessed in two ways.
1. Set Volume = 0, hold VOL- on the TV by pressing DISPLAY three times. The screen will display a D
2. On the remote service press D. On the remote user, this button is hidden. But this method of entry can be turned off when (option OPT).
Select a page in the service menu are made with remote control.
All changes are stored automatically options.
On the panel there is a button I2C. It enables management of service settings from your computer.

M68 chassis percent. TDA12072H / N1D00
There are two ways to enter a service mode:
1) Press and turn the volume down to a minimum, without releasing the button [VOL DOWN] (on the local keyboard), press the [CAPS] button on the remote 3 times.
2) Press the button on the remote FACTORY. Out [RECALL]

Chassis MC-xx cm. LG (GOLDSTAR)

Chassis MDY5 percent. LC863532C-57P1
1. Press three times the button MENU to enter the "Settings" page.
2. Press the "P +" or "P" select the line "switching"
3. Dial the code "2483" .TV must enter the Service menu PAGE.
4. Switch on the menu pages PAGE by the button MUTE
5. Enter setting accelerate button - TV / AV
6. Switching the picture mode button "R.MODE"
7. Setting up the balance - buttons "1" and "4 - RB ; - Button "2" and "5 - G.B. ; - Button "3" and "6 - B.B. .
8. Adjusting subyarkosti SB - Button "7" and "8".
9. Switch the TV programs in the service mode is performed on all pages except PAGE2 buttons "0" down and "9" up
Exit - MENU

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