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Service Chassis

chassis MONO PLUS 2 percent. SAA5222, SAA5223, SAA5253, SAA5255
Press the control buttons in the following sequence: MUTE, OK (M), TV
At the same time displayed on the screen SERVICE MENU 1.
Switching between the individual sub-menu by pressing the blue button control. Introduction to the memory button OK (M).
Out TV.

Chassis MSH-xx - see. KNIGHT (VITYAS, VITYAZ)

Chassis NX56 percent. TDA11135PS chassis NX59 percent. TDA11136PS / N3 / 3
1. Turn on the device
2. Press the MENU button to enter the image
3. Use the remote control to move the cursor to Contrast
4. Enter the code 9735 for three seconds.
The variant with a hidden button in the remote control FACTORY.

Chassis PAEX0xxxx -see. SHIVAKI

Chassis PAEX0088 (TD-18) Processor Control: TMP87CK38N video processor: TB1238N
(a list of service codes)
There are three service modes: S, D, M.
S-mode - service;
D-mode - extended service;
M-mode - + accelerated training.
Enter the service S-adjustment mode (SERVICE MODE) with a conventional remote control:
in the operating mode of the TV, press and hold the button on the front panel VOL- (volume at minimum), press the button on the remote DISPLAY. In the upper left corner of the TV screen will appear the symbol S is the inclusion of a special mode of service regulation.
Selecting a new function by pressing a button on the remote control or PROG + PROG-.
Adjusting the value of the function by pressing the remote control buttons VOL + or VOL-.
When you press a button on the remote control - / - on the screen disappears frame scanning. In the glow of narrow horizontal strip adjust the accelerating voltage.
The values ??of regulated functions are written in the memory automatically.

Chassis TD-18 PAEX0021 PAEX0045
entry into the advanced D-service mode
1. In the operating mode of the TV to reduce the volume to 0 value, then press and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press the button on the remote DISPLAY (while the TV goes to the S-service mode).
2.Otpustit on the front of the TV button VOL-, press the button on the remote DISPLAY. Re-click on the TV front panel VOL- button, and again press the DISPLAY (TV at the same time should go into service mode D - extended service).

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