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Service Chassis

Use possibility of rewriting the set values ??in the memory in the so-called "CPU failure" (e.g., spontaneous initialization, resetting the set values).

Chassis PAXX0081 percent. LC863548B
on the local keyboard to set the volume to 0, hold VOL DOWN press DISP (a rectangle with a plus) on the remote control.

Chassis PC-xx cm. LG (GOLDSTAR)

chassis PC100 765/325 765/368 765/384 percent. ST92T93
Enable TV network switch by pressing the VOL +) and (VOL-). (Press the POWER button on the remote control output POWER OFF

Chassis PH03, PH06 percent. TDA9341, TDA9361-EA1
1. Turn on the TV to normal operation on a regular remote control, press sequentially [MENU] key and the number keys [6] [4] [8] [3].
2. The display will show «FACTORY».
3. Repeatedly press sequentially [MENU] key and the number keys [6] [4] [8] [3]. The menu «B / W BALANCE».
4. Selecting Service menu 0 - Service 7 by pressing the number keys, the remote control.
5. Exit the service menu with saving changed parameters by pressing the remote control keys [MENU].
6. Move to the setup menu are performed with the remote control buttons [P +] [P-]. Liqueurs parameters - Press the remote control [V +] [V-].

chassis PT200 percent. STV3500
Main Menu, 1-9-2-3.

PT90 chassis has two entrances to the center.
1.Zelenaya button - that is, "FEATURES" + code 1923.
2. The menu in the menu select "FEATURES" + code 1923.

PT92 chassis percent. TDA9353PS / N1 / 3S0342
Log in to the service in two ways:
1. On the remote, press SUB-PAGE (clock TXT) and simultaneously Vol - on TV
2. 5 the conclusion of the service connector to close 0.3-0.4 seconds on the body.

Chassis PTXM01 percent. KMP87CP38N-3599. ST92185BN2B1 / EKX
Login: Log in kontrastnost-- service: via universal remote RZ-66 (AV-8), code 159.
Buttons: Mute - Menu [b] F - [/ b] in normal mode - the overall discharge, shoot down all the settings.
G- entry into service.
F- get out of the service, the data is stored.
E- service mode turns on Heat Run. The same button - exit from this mode.
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Chassis PX20043 TDA9381PS / N3 / 2/1973 on the remote Press MENU, then dial 8500 (6483). In support of the entrance to the service in the left corner will be a red letter M, sub-select numbers from 0 to 9, and then press MENU.

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