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Service Chassis

2. In operating mode, press and hold the "TV" (aka "small screen" or "ESC") in the normal RC5 remote (Knight, horizon, etc.), and then on the 4th or 5th sekude not hold hold, briefly zhimanut panel tv just two buttons "P-" and "V +".
3.Eschё option: universal remote IM-1313 (which code found Tuning): hold down
TV-SAT and TV simultaneously VOL + and P-. "OK" - the box under the VOL +, exit the menu - TXT-TV.

Chassis TV2K prots.ST92T195
Press the hidden button on the remote control (located under the cursor with the "triangle down" in the bottom row of buttons - the average, to finalize the remote control is necessary to break down this window and set the button) or use MAK (1360 - MENU) Code 1263 can be fully controlled in user mode.
Navigating the menus P +, P- or red button remote hometown, settings buttons VOL + VOL-. To exit the submenu, click OK.
Adjusting the accelerating voltage is as follows:

  • Position the cursor in the main menu on the service line Red Gain, at the bottom of the TV screen appears scale "G2 status";
  • Rotating the accelerating voltage on TDKSe set "G2 status" in position "OK".

Setting up the drive as follows:

  • To the terminals 10, 11 to connect the signal cable SCR IF (38.9 MHz, 50mV). When podkyucheny cable to make sure that the conclusion 11 connected signal cable outlet, and a pin 10 - the case;
  • Position the cursor in the main service menu on line VCO FINE 070. By adjusting the coil L208 to the inscription "AFC Status OK";
  • Pressing the "-" button on the remote control to find the lower limit of the adjustment range the IF (inscription disappears "OK"). Then press the "+" button on the remote control and increase the VCO FINE 5 units. Move the cursor to the VCO Coarce - must be installed 05 lights and the inscription "OK".

Out of service - STANDBY button or the green of the native console

Chassis TV2KY percent. LC863532B
Method one: click on the remote control button (FACTORY) during her absence, press (MENU), and is displayed on-screen TV menu, enter the code from the control (6) (4) (8) (3). Output also MENU 6483

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