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Service Chassis

Method two: close pins 2 and 16 HC7461 chip in the remote control. To store the settings and exit the menu, select MENU 03 points PROD MODE set to "0" and press (MENU)

Chassis TV3K, TV4K
Entrance to the hotel (close to the remote 12 and 26 feet), the original console (if disassembled) is a hidden button service.

TV-chassis 4 percent. STV6385
Press both blue and red button on the remote control. Just click at the same time (P +) and (VOL +) on TV Out TVERC

TV-chassis 8 Perc. ST6365
1. Simultaneously press the red and blue buttons on the remote control. Immediately after that, simultaneously press the (P) and (VOL-) on TV.
2. Hold the button (TV) on the remote control for 5 seconds. Simultaneously press the (P) and (VOL-) on TV. TV output

Chassis TV4 TV8 TV9
From any remote standard RC-5 command the "TV", it is similar to the team from the home console by pressing [color = red] red [/ color] and blue buttons.

Chassis U3P / U2P TDA 9381 entry in the menu: MENU 8500 to be highlighted at the top of the screen on the left the letter M
Select submenu number buttons 0-9, control - P +, P-, V +, V-.
The output POWER OFF.

Chassis U3P / U2P percent. TDA9341
On the remote quickly press the MENU button 6 April March 8th transition in service menu number buttons 1..4 Output Power OFF.

Chassis VE01 percent. TDA9351PS / N3 / 3 (NTDA9351C310A 051,130)
Press MENU, dial Code 6 4 8 3, M appears on the screen.
Dial code 1 2 3 4 - TV in service mode. Out - Translate TV mode STANDBY.

Chassis Yang Sesuai
press and release the Mute, press it again and hold, press F on the front of the TV.

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