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Service Chassis

Ingredients: HIP tda9320h, saa5801h, memory 24c32. Tuner uv1318s, audio msp3452g, SSB
The service menu has got 0 6 2 5 9 6 and OSD. But there is something I do not see the geometry adjustments.
Entrance to the service menu: When you press on the connected TV remote - 062 596, and OSD (aka the button i +). In service mode item ALIGNMENTS find and click the right (where a five submenus) until podmenyushki adjustments to the geometry of reach.

* * *

TV: chassis Vestel 17MB21 LCD.

Processor Micronas VCT 49XX, tuner UV1316, Memory: 24C64WP, Sound
2hTDA2822M, Remote: PT-865 [TOSHIBA].
Enter the service mode: 01) - Turn on the TV.
02) - Quickly nazhmite- "menu", and the code 4725 on the keypad. (calibration
03) - You went into the service menu.
Back to travel - "menu", Exit the menu - "EXIT"

* * *

TV input is needed in service - on the chassis

processor M37281MFH-085SP

Popa chassis Chinese unfamiliar to me. I am trying to fit
in Philips TV. It is necessary to adjust
geometry. On the chassis there are no inscriptions.
Control processor M37281MFH-085SP. UPS naSTRF6656,
HR chip on LA78041.Tyuner chassis JS-5A / 1234SV
TDKS without any identifying marks. Landing gear
stogertsovoe on the corresponding module subtracted CTC-4B 94V0.
Processor DPTVtm then unreadable. Control - All buttons
(except for the menus) characters are signed. Lower the inscription HDTV.
RC deciphered for hidden buttons. the result is zero.
The unit responded to the "TIMER" button, then click
numeric keys "1, 2, 2, 9". Then your selection
"Menu". although glitches happen. The first time came without
questions, but other times only at the fifth attempt. That is,
Entrance to the service menu there but when pressing "Menu" button of the machine out of service.

* * *

Entry into the service mode chassis 11AK41

11AK41, processor SDA5550M, the remaining chip CIP3250A, SDA9400, DDP3310B, VPC32X5C, audio processor MSP3410D, DPL3519.

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