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And also, if anyone is curious ... In this and similar gear often climbs a variety of defects: In PIP-f floods in some of the main colors, does not fit worker from duty, not permanently connected, or is not the first time, collide adjustment programs .
and the secondary connected everything is fine again. However, at times, has not restored the program is made available again to adjust again.
So, the problem here is not in the memory (here of two) and to operate, and of bad soldering processing unit all signals, including audio.
It is mounted perpendicular to the main board. Chafing, obpaivaesh all processors, and it's not much of strapping vending soldering. When installing the screen of this unit, the place of his good solder joint.
On-site and blots out the memory of him. Sometimes, in this time, and may cover a geometry program.
Menu - press the button code 1675. Memory ok.

* * *

Description of the service mode for the microprocessor

TDA9381PS / N3 / 1803 (Philips)


The Horizon model 51CTV 732-1-10 exchanged microprocessor 9381PS / N2 / 1I1277 on TDA9381PS / N3 / 1803 (Philips). The device is functioning.
But the settings are destroyed when the TV is turned off.
At the forum I read that you need to make reset in service mode and over again to write down the settings.
In the service menu, press and hold the button SL, while letters do not turn green.
Chassis unit SCC-Q82L-A
I tried both chassis AE6V, be programmed control, does not go out, I have the remote RM-943, a few stands, four LEDs VCR.TV.DVD.AVX. instead of three as in the RM-938.
I tried various combinations, found how to program the remote control to the service might have someone come in handy.
1. Stick to 5 seconds left button (TV, DVD, VCR, AUX), until the two will blink svetodiodika - VCR and DVD.
2. Set up the code 99999, in the testimony I will light the LED TV.
3. we press the button (AUX / VIDEO) twice, there is an icon TT.
4. MENU button and we are in the service mode.
Reset oshibochek - code 80 to be programmed in the remote mode the user gets up the operation in the same way, the truth, instead of nines we start code 00000.

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