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Service Chassis

Chassis 3Y01, 3Y11
MENU, MENU, RECALL (Q.VIEW), MUTE. Mode switching button (SLEEP) Exit service menu - the button (MENU) .shassi 3Y18 percent. LA76936Y 7N Press on the remote control: Menu - QView - Mute

Chassis 41SCC113 percent. SDA30562-5
press the P / C (color down to the IAC 1267), the top menu appears. Move the cursor on the name of the program on the right. Enter instead of the digits 1357 and press OK. After 3-4 seconds. TV will enter the service mode.
select the P + P- to change the VOL + VOL-
red - Contrast Up Green - Contrast Down
Yellow - Color Up Blue - 1 - / - Remember - press the button on the remote OK.

4B-1 chassis prots.M37160MAH-09CFP
MUTE - SLEEP - P.P. (press quickly) Bust submenu number buttons 0-9 Exit - MENU (2 times) remote control assembled on a chip SC73C1202-005

Chassis 4S02
Sequentially push the book. "SKIP", "VOL-", "AFT".
Vol. "-PROG +" - Selection of the control parameter.
Vol. "-VOL +" - Adjust the selected parameter. Out - PIC.

Chassis 5100 percent. 83S1540
Enter Service mode: for up to 5 seconds. from the inclusion of press buttons TV, PRG, EXT. Exit: Turn off the power button.

Chassis 53P4, 52E4, 53P5, 5Z59, 53P4, 5Z59
Set the volume to 0, press RECALL, again press and hold the RECALL, VOL DOWN.

Chassis 54H7, 54K2, 54H6, 52Y7
Set the volume to 0, press MENU, 6, 5, 6, 8.

Chassis 55P9, 53L1
on the local keyboard to set the volume to 0, MENU, 6, 4, 8, 3

Shaxi 5N11. percent S3P8849XZZ-A089
Simultaneity press the switch and the VOL + and VOL-- on the muzzle. Search "MENU".

5S01 chassis percent. ST63T88B1
b. turn off the TV network button.
c. Press and hold the TV / AV and the MENU button on the TV panel, and at this time include the TV network button. Continue to hold TVAV and MENU buttons as long as the TV does not go down in FACTORY MODE (appears on the screen "Vertical Amp. 50/60").
d. Press (PP) button on the remote control to save the settings and exit the factory mode.

Chassis 5W63 LC863320A 5R76
On the remote press RECALL, then press and hold the button on the local keyboard VOL DOWN again press RECALL. This procedure is similar to pressing FACTORY.

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