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Chassis 5Y19 percent LA76938N 7N
Entrance to the hotel - a hidden button on the remote.

Chassis 7000 7300 percent uP83C055
Turn on your TV, while holding down the (MENU). Press (SAT) SA -audio stereo adjustments, LA -audio level adjustment, HSH -horizontal shift
EW -horizontal amplitude, PW -parabola correction, TC -corner parabola correction VAM -vertical amplitude, VSH -vertical shift, SC -vertical S correction WPR -white balance correction, WPG - '', WPB - ", DLY -Luma chroma delay
Yield (TV).

A3-A14 chassis prots.M34300N4-628SP
Select channel (cross) "X". Press (S) and hold for 3 seconds until «SP--» Enter the code from the remote control (9) (0) and press (MEMO) on TV.
Other options:
MEMO? Activating the search SP30
SP - -
00 reset the set values
01 reset all the special features
50 installation on power through a standby
51 installation on power
70 Search for channel scanning
71 Erasing Memory Channel Scan
72 adding memory to scan
90 unlocking
He sent Le

chassis BS950 Perc. SECO18A, SECO19 (SE8800UP) Close the output 31 of the processor C11 to ground. Press the button (P / C) on the remote control.
The output (TEXT)

chassis BS990 Perc. TVPOSM90.02 / 03
Press the button on the TV (OSD) (P-) (VOL-) and turn the power switch.

Chassis C7, C8, see. Beko
Chassis CN-9 (E), CN12C1, CN18E
Chassis CH-16, CH-20 - cm. CHANGHOHG
CH04 - Sanyo
CH05 - Philips
CH06 - Matsushita
CH07 - ST
CH08 - Toshiba
CH12 - Samsung

Chassis CH-16 (S) Proc. TDA9384
set the volume to "0" on the remote control. Press (MUTE) on the remote control button (MENU) on the front panel and hold for 2 seconds. If done correctly you will see the letter «S».
Removing the child lock universal code 8995.

CH-20 chassis processor TDA9594H / N1 / SI
With remote Vol to a minimum, and then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and press the MENU button on the TV.

Chassis C9000, C9001, C9002, C9003- see. LOEWE

CODE A chassis percent. PCM195C30ECF0098,
TDA2248, TDA8174A, FNI14B002

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