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Service Chassis

V- (on TV), and 6 on the remote, a little hold.
SECAM at 2A - F8
DK at 1D - 41
Code MAC - 1443.

Chassis CP-xxx - see. DAEWOO PANASONIC
Chassis CTE-AA percent. STV92195 (TXT) or STV92185 (no TXT)
Set program 75, press the OSD (+) on RC and MENU buttons on the local keyboard, hold about 4 seconds. S will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
Exit Service Mode: turn off the TV.

chassis CTG-AA [color = olive] percent. TDA9353, TDA9362 [/ color]
Entering service:
Select program 75 and then simultaneously press the button on the remote control and OSD MENU key on the local keyboard screen for 4 seconds. In support of the entrance will be the letter S.

Chassis CTN version 1.1 percent. SAA5541
Close pin CPU 7-IC7600 on the ground.

Chassis CTN-BB. percent. TMP47C634, SAA5288, SAA5290
Close pin CPU 7-IC7600 on the ground.

Chassis CTS-AA percent. SAA5531PS / M4 / 0329
Turn off the TV network button. 7 Close the leg processor for ground. Turn on the TV. The screen in the bottom left corner will be the letter S. Press RECALL. To enter into the memory - Press RECALL.

Chassis CTS-AA Perc. TMP87CM38N
Press the button on the remote control Factory.
Exit - OUTCONDITION press on the remote control.

Chassis CUCxxxx - see. GRUNDIG
(For SIEMENS your code, three-digit).

Chassis DIGIT2000 ORION KENDO UNIVERSUM percent. CCU2030
With the remote in the TV horizon without graphics press the "SERVICE", the display will show CH, press still paz - will be OP, then choose the volume register numbers (1-4) and tsifipkami (1-9) to change bits. After press 'Memory'
Yield (TV).

Chassis DTV-100 percent. SDA30C164Pult RC5-BP6. Press and release the TV button on the remote. Then immediately press both of the TV Programm - (P-) and Programm + (P +) The information provided by the member Nik29-7777

Chassis DTV-2 prots.CCU2070 Simultaneously press a button on the remote control (C) and the service button is located in the bottom row of the keypad. TV output

Chassis 3 DTV-DTV-4 percent. CCU3001
Click on the blue and red buttons on the remote control. Immediately press the button (P-) (VOL +) on TV

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