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Output (END)


Chassis E1 cm. BEKO

E6 chassis percent. SAB-C502-2R20N
Turn on the TV to the operating mode and dial the remote (TV) (i) (STOP) (TV) (i) (STOP) Exit STANDBY

Chassis E9 protsSDA5255-052 + TDA884x
Turn on TV, exit from standby to operating mode and within 5 seconds. sequentially press [b] "TV", "i", "STOP". [/ b] Login Mak Maxi 2002
Code = 1273.
"TV" = Rec / Erase
"i" = << / RADIO
"STOP" => / LNB All buttons in the bottom two rows that Vydac and teletext.
Shift + MODE = Picture Menu
Shift + H / V = ??Sound Menu

Chassis ETA-1 percent. TMPA8873XANG
Set the volume to 0, then press the MUTE button on the remote and hold it - the MENU button on the TV. In support of the entrance to the service appears on the screen S. For TV output to transfer mode standby.

chassis ETE-2, ETE-3
set the volume to 0, and then sequentially press and hold on the remote control Mute, hereinafter Menu on the local keyboard
Out - POWER button on the remote.

Chassis EURODIGI percent. CCU3000
Initialize memory: Enable TV and just type the command from the remote control (MUTE) (9) (PIP) Service: Enable TV and just type the command from the remote control (- / -) (MENU) (TV), the output POWER OFF

Chassis EUROMONO 2 percent. TVPO-2066-EM05
To access the service menu, press for 4 seconds a combination of:
MENU (P) - to switch between submenu, M - memory
TV - out of the service menu.
Removing gotelnogo mode:
In service mode by pressing the MENU (P) go to submenu HOTEL (OSD = HOTEL YES),
press the green button (OSD = HOTEL NO), written in the memory by pressing [b] M. [/ b] Exit button TV.

Chassis EUROSTEREO percent. ST6367
Press quickly (MUTE) (OK) (TV), output (TV)

input (- / -) (MENU) (TV) - 1 sec. exit. POWER OFF.

Chassis EURO-11, EE-3, EE3W, EE-4. Turn on the power. A small screwdriver to press the mikpik S701, located next to the antenna socket, and then - on the control button (9) for 5 seconds. Press (*) to select the menu.
Cancel values, if you have not put in the memory (1) or (STANDBY) button (0) - remember the values.

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