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Service Chassis

Chassis EX-1A1 (A4)
Set the volume to 0 to the console. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and MENU on TV at the same time for about 2 seconds. Out POWER or (- / -)
Removing the protection of children - a universal code 8995.

Chassis F15, F16 percent. CCU THOM 07 \ 04
Hold down the button on the TV (VOL +) and (VOL-) and turn the power switch. Hold 8 seconds output POWER OFF

Chassis F19 percent. SAA5297PS / 241 on the TV, press V +, to include in the network and within 3 seconds. STBY press on the remote control.
MAC CODE 2000 1097

Chassis FEATURE STEREO percent. SDA30C163 Enable TV network button and within 5 seconds. press a combination of buttons on the remote control:
If the TV then left on standby - turn it on by pressing twice TV and press I to enter the service.

Chassis FPC2001 prots.TDA9364PS / N1 / 3S0509
Simultaneity Press M on the local keyboard and TV POWER on the remote control.

Chassis FPC2002.2 percent. TDA9350PS / N2 / 2/0771, TDA9350PS / N2 / 2/0563
Press simultaneously button OSD (DISPLAY) on the local keyboard and remote control to STBY.

Chassis FX
1. Switch on the TV network button.
2. In the course of 5 seconds to enter the password: MENU, TV, i from the remote control.
If the TV does not include:
3.Vklyuchite TV by double pressing the TV and turn on the service menu by pressing i.

G1000 chassis Perc. ST6365 or ST6375
You must turn off incl. "Network", and then turn it back on while holding the button on the panel (P +) and (F). The screen will appear at the bottom of the letter GLHPRGB A. Active Mode is highlighted in yellow. Switching modes from the control book. (a la carte) setting (P +) (P) (G-) Setting U on kinescope varies on strochnike. The display will show red or green square. It should be installed so that they are both turned off. Out POWER OFF

Chassis GA1 TDA9381
1. To enter the service menu to close the JA JA 137 and 138 for 1 second and open.
To quit repeat.
2. Remove the volume to 0, and then simultaneously press VOL- on the face and RECALL on the remote.

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