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Service Chassis

Chassis 11AK49.

TDA12021H1 / N1D11,
IC KR - TDA8359J, IC ULF - TDA8928J, PWM IC - 1207AP, TDKS -
TV with a "clean" (FF) EEPROM starts.
Entering the service menu: press MENU and code 4725.

* * *

Chassis 11AK52B4,

enter the service menu and identify the brand of TV.
Ingredients: processor SDA5550M, SDA9400, VPC3230D, DDP3310B, audio MSP3411G, TDA8177F, TEA6415C.
This unit is fixed (had to change TDA8177F personnel chip, but there was a need for something to correct when, with the entrance in what appeared problems.
The device chassis VESTEL 11AK52B4 drafted and seems to mark the entrance: "MENU" and code 1675

* * *

E2100 Chassis of Panasonic.

Entrance to the service menu: It's simple: set the bass - the maximum
Top chastoty- minimum, then press and hold the button F on
TV, and the RESET button on the remote. No volume - press
After F is not necessary! In this and all the detail included in the service chassis

* * *

TV chassis: 11AK56.

Processor: TDA9550H / N3 / 3
Enter the service mode - buttons on the remote, press then code
Line 073 - OFF transfer of ON. Sohranit- output . AT
specify the channel DK. not to be confused with the button .
button remote for channel number <7>.

TV Chassis SN (Finlyuks, Nokia)

Enter the menu
(Buttons menu, then tv, and i) likely only when pressed on the panel
button VOL -, anywhere reason in the search engine I have not seen it.
pressing the red button opens Serv.2 --option byte menu.
Connection standards - BIT IF line (DK bit 2) memory [/ b].

* * *

Apparatus chassis TV2K.

The remote control RL110, on
SC73C0302-009 chip.
Hidden button is not present. Enter the service mode:
5 to close the legs 18 and the chip.

* * *

Philips EM5.2E

Login required service immediately Philips EM5.2E chassis

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