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1) reduce the volume to 00 on the panel, hold, push [DISPLAY] ([OSD] or [RECALL] or [rectangle with a plus]) on the remote control
2) Push [MENU], then quickly dial code 6,4,8,3.
On the entrance of the D-mode advanced glossed over, but it is likely to need - in S-mode, while, to press [DISPLAY] ([OSD] or [RECALL] on the remote control or the [rectangle with a plus]), push and hold [VOL -] button while holding the> push [DISPLAY] ([OSD] or [RECALL], or on the remote control [rectangle with a plus]).
By analogy with microprocessors 8851CPNG6EG1, 8891CPBNG6NA3 given type remote CUSL = 08 bytes, CUSH = F7.


TV CHINA, Chassis SS2.

LC863532 - 54H7, 54D5, 50S8, 5Z00, 50S9.
Entering the service menu: 0 translate into the volume, push the MENU button and quickly dial the code 6568.



CX25/26/34 CR20NT MK1498N / N CR1406FT MK2183 / N
Pin 8 TVPO2066 D05/047 microprocessor is used to connect the service mode. The board device is a button located S009. Pushing it, at the same time with the button on the remote control (DISPLAY), the service menu includes. Get out of the service - (TV / TEXT).



EEPROM - 24C08,
TMPA8891CSCNG6V12, Tuner - MV-3DE (M81002A).
Entering the service menu: press VOL-on the remote lokalke and DISP / LOCK. Next DISP / LOCK-th in subsection F1 move, then use the MUTE F2, etc. To display the sub-F8 and more press in 2483.


TV STV14001,

processor TDA11106PS/V3/3.
Ingredients: CPU TDA11106PS/V3/3 sticker NT11106PC303CG, memory 24CO8A, HOT D1651C, VLF TDA2003, frame LA78040A, BP C5287, tuner CWC-5053-V8, TDKS (BSC25-N0439) BSC24-0402.
Came after the storm. When trying to connect to the duty room immediately goes away. Perepalo processor. Firmware workers did not produce results. With firmware clean start, but the buttons on the front panel are confused, Russian. language is not, AV2, etc.
Has determined that it is necessary to disable EVG = 0 (this option is disabled in the net), but does not enter into service to keep up, because right in St.By leaves. In the firmware programmer working through the (by comparison) at 000080-04 and 000060-02 in place (50), (09) put (10), (08). TV came to life!

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